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Animal Services

  1. Animal Services Foster Application Form

    Application for consideration to foster an animal from the Animal Services Adoption Center.

Athens Cultural Affairs Commission

  1. Athens Cultural Affairs Commission Selection Panel Form

    The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission is seeking community members to participate in upcoming public art selection panels. Selection... More…

Central Services

  1. Facilities Management Customer Service Survey

    Use this form to provide feedback on your experience with the Facilities Management Division.

  2. Item Pick Up Request Form

    Submit this form to the Facilities Management to request a pick up of an item or items to be delivered to the auction barn, CHaRM, or... More…

  1. Fleet Management Vehicle Maintenance Request

    Online form for requesting fleet vehicle service.

Clerk of Commission

  1. Mayor & Commission Agenda Item Comment Form

    This form can be used to comment on items under consideration by the Mayor & Commission.

Fire & Emergency Services

  1. Birthday Visit from Our Firefighters

    If your child is celebrating a birthday, you can request a brief drive-up visit from a fire truck. If time and circumstances allow, our... More…

  2. Fire and Life Safety Education Programs

    If you would like to request any of our fire safety education services, please complete the following form. Please note, that events... More…

  1. EMS Instructor Survey

    This is to determine the interest of department members in becoming an EMS Instructor.

  2. Fire Incident Report Request

    If you would like to request an incident report to be sent to you by email, or wish to pick one up at our Headquarters located at 700... More…

Green Schools

  1. Green School Registration Form (NEW SCHOOLS ONLY)

    Application for schools to participate in the Athens-Clarke County Green School Program.

Housing & Community Development

  1. Vision Committee Member Schedule Survey

    This survey is to help us understand the schedule preferences of Vision Committee members so meetings can be scheduled at times that... More…

Human Resources

  1. Deferred Compensation Board Agenda Comment Form

    This form can be used to comment on items under consideration by the Deferred Compensation Board

Inclusion Office

  1. Story Form

    Use the form below to share your ArtistCorps story with us. Please upload stories as .doc or .txt files. Do not upload .pdf files. You... More…

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful

  1. Athens-Clarke County Litter Hotline Report

    Use this form to receive information regarding reports of litter being disposed of from vehicles

  2. Down and Dirty Request
  3. KACCB Board Application
  4. Keepin' It Clean Community Member Award Application

    Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful recognizes those that are leaders in beautifying our community. Residents may nominate a community... More…

  5. Report Littered Streets/Areas

    Have you noticed a street or an area that needs a litter clean-up? Report it to KACCB know so that the issue can be properly... More…

  1. Beautiful Business of the Month Nominations
  2. Illegal Dumping Report

    ACC residents and visitors can use this form to report incidents of dumping to Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful

  3. KACCB Green School Grant Application

    Grant for Green Schools for support of Green School Activities.

  4. Post Clean-up Report and Bag Hauling Request Form

    Use this form to report the results of your group's clean-up, request that the bags of litter and recyclable materials that you... More…

  5. Tool Clean-up Reservation Form

    Use this form to request the loan of trash bags, recycling bags, litter grabbers, safety vests, and hand sanitizer for litter... More…

Leisure Services

  1. 2023-2024 Kudos Submission Form

    Please use this form to submit a Kudo to a fellow team member.

  2. Athens Pop up Park Request Form

    The Athens Pop up Park is on the road taking fun all over town! This special mobile recreation unit is available to visit community... More…

  3. Bike Repair Station Service Request

    Public request for service of broken or damaged bike repair station.

  4. ORGC Meeting Public Comment Form

    Comment for Public Meeting of ORGC

  5. Special Event Application - Leisure Services Dept.

    Application to be completed by organizers who wish to hold a special event in Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services' parks and... More…

  1. ACCGov Leisure Services Department Visiting Group Pool Usage Form

    Organizations with ten or more swimmers must pre-register to use an Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department pool. ... More…

  2. Bear Hollow Zoo Field Trip Registration Form

    Bear Hollow Zoo offers several field trip options. Self-guided tours are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Picnic Shelters are available... More…

  3. Leisure Services Feedback Form

    Have an idea to share? Additional questions? Let us know! The Leisure Services Department's mission is to build a healthier and... More…

  4. Soccer - Fall 2021 Guardian Survey

Leisure Services - Lyndon House

  1. Exhibition Proposal Form

    Form for proposing potential exhibits at the Lyndon House Arts Center.

  1. Rescue Exhibition Entry Form

    Form for submitting artwork for consideration for the exhibition Rescue at the Lyndon House Arts Center.

Municipal Court

  1. Court Date Reminder System Enrollment

    Online form for registering for court date reminders through text messages.

Open Records Requests

  1. Open Records Request

    This form is available for making open records requests.


  1. 2022 Safety Town Online Application -

    Our Safety Town program ( ) is a three-day course designed to teach your child safe practices... More…

  2. ACCPD Online Complaint Form

    Use this form to submit a complaint of employee misconduct to the Office of Professional Standards

  3. ACCPD Strategic Response Team Application

    SRT Application

  4. Criminal Gang Activity Tips

    A public online crime tip form for Criminal Gang Activity Athens-Clarke County. Use this form or call 706-705-4775.

  5. Gang Intelligence Form

    Use this form to document suspected criminal street gang members / associates.

  6. Policies and Procedures Feedback

    Leave feedback for our updated policies and procedures.

  1. ACCPD Commendation Form

    Use this form to submit a commendation to the Office of the Chief of Police

  2. ACCPD Policy Question

    Use this form to submit a question or concern about Athens-Clarke County Police Department policies and/or procedures to the Office of... More…

  3. Business and Residential Emergency Contact Information

    Providing this information allows the Athens-Clarke County Police Department to contact you in the event of an emergency (burglary,... More…

  4. Employee of the Quarter Nomination

    Use this form to nominate an ACCPD employee for Employee of the Quarter.

  5. Internship Program

Public Information Office

  1. Biographical Information

    Form for elected officials, department directors, and others to submit biographical information to the Public Information Office for... More…

  2. Film Project Information Form

    This form should be used by production companies or individuals to provide the Public Information Office / Camera Ready Liaison with... More…

  3. Public Meeting Survey

    A survey for public meeting needs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. Film Location Submission Form

    Submit potential buildings, homes, or other locations for consideration as a potential filming location.

  2. Film/Voiceover Talent Consideration Form

    For those interested in being considered for film or voiceover projects created by the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office.

Public Utilities

  1. 2023 Athens Water Festival Presenter Form

    The Athens Water Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 9, at Sandy Creek Park from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. We invite anyone who... More…

  2. Athens Water Festival Presenter Feedback

    On behalf of the entire planning committee, THANK YOU SO MUCH for presenting at the 2022 Athens Water Festival! We really appreciate... More…

  3. Certified Blue Application Form

    This form is the starting point for businesses interested in becoming Certified Blue

  4. Drinking Water or Water Reclamation Tour Evaluation

    Fill out this form if you visited the Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Water Reclamation Facility, or Bobby Snipes Water Resources... More…

  5. Fire Hydrant Flow Request Form

    Submit an application for a flow test to be performed on a fire hydrant.

  6. Home Water Assessment Request

    Submit a request to schedule a visit from a Water Conservation Specialist to look for opportunities to increase water efficiency at... More…

  7. Little Lily Lookout

    In the quarterly WaterSource, the newsletter of the ACC Public Utilities Department, a tiny image of Lily Anne Phibian is hidden in the... More…

  8. Online Water Waste Report
  9. Public Utilities Facility Tour
  10. Request for Water & Sanitary Sewer Grid Map

    Request form to select a portion of the Athens-Clarke County Water & Sanitary Sewer map

  11. Ripple Effect Film Project Recording Equipment Lending Library

    To assist those in our community with creating films for the Ripple Effect Film Project, the Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation... More…

  12. Water Conservation Programs
  1. Application for Athens-Clarke County Grease Transporters

    Athens-Clarke County requires commercial food service establishments use a registered Commercial Waster Transporter. To be included as... More…

  2. Calendar and Listserv sign up

    Alerts save water to add the person to calendar and listserv

  3. Classroom Visit Evaluation for ACC Water Conservation Office

    We are always looking to improve our programs. Please fill out this form if the ACC Water Conservation Office brought a water education... More…

  4. Drinking Water Treatment Plant Tour Feedback

    Thank you so much for attending a tour of the J.G. Beacham Drinking Water Treatment Plant. Please take a moment to complete this form... More…

  5. Fire Sprinkler System Flush Test Request Form

    Application for use of the fire sprinkler system to conduct flush tests

  6. How Does Your Garden H2GrOw?

    Did you install an H2GrOw garden? Show off your landscape and share a photo with us!

  7. Little Lily Teacher Feedback

    Thank you for having Little Lily visit your class. We'd like to get an army of Little Lily's out in Athens to help others learn about... More…

  8. Project SHARE Contribution Enrollment Form

    Assist neighbors in need of assistance with water service by making a monthly contribution to Project SHARE through your water bill.

  9. Report a Water Quality Concern

    We value our customers’ input on the quality of the water at your home or business. Please contact the ACC Public Utilities Department... More…

  10. Request for Water/Sewer Connection Fee Waiver for Affordable Housing Development

    The Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department (PUD) may recommend to M&C to waive water and sewer connections to qualified... More…

  11. Schedule a Program
  12. Water Drop Box Reservation

    Reserve a themed Water Drop Box for your classroom. *Loan periods are for two school weeks. *We will do our best to deliver your... More…

Sheriff's Office

  1. Clarke County Sheriff's Office Commendation Form

    Use this form to submit a commendation to the Office of the Clarke County Sheriff.

  1. Clarke County Sheriff's Office Online Complaint Form

    Use this form to submit a complaint of misconduct to the Sheriff Administration Internal Investigations Section.

Solid Waste - Billing/Collections

  1. ACC Solid Waste Commercial Application- Food Scraps Collection

    Application for commercial collection of food scraps.

  2. ACC Solid Waste Commercial Dumpster(s) Service Application

    For businesses located within Athens-Clarke County that are requesting dumpster(s) service.

  3. ACC Solid Waste Services Commercial Curbside Application for Downtown Athens Only

    Online application for commercial and residential curbside garbage and recycling collection services in the downtown central business... More…

  4. Special Bulky Item(s) Pickup Request

    At ACCGov Solid Waste, our mission is to efficiently deliver integrated material management through comprehensive and innovative... More…

  1. ACC Solid Waste Commercial Curbside Application for Outside Downtown Only

    Online application for commercial curbside garbage and recycling collection services in areas outside of the downtown central business... More…

  2. ACC Solid Waste Residential Garbage and Recycling Service Application

    Application for garbage and recycling collections for residences in Athens-Clarke County.

  3. ACC Solid Waste Services Commercial Curbside City Bags Order Form

    All trash must be bagged and placed in the authorized "City" bags. The trash bags can be purchased for $1.50 each and the recycling... More…

Solid Waste - General

  1. ACC Solid Waste Department Internship Application Form

    This is an ongoing, general application form for internship applicants with the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department.

  2. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department Commercial Recycling Plan Form

    All businesses, organizations, and multifamily properties within Athens-Clarke County must provide at all times recycling containers to... More…

  3. Open Creative Reuse Checkout
  4. Solid Waste Hauler / Collections Complaint & Comment Form

    Please complete the following form if you have feedback (positive or negative) regarding private haulers' or ACC Solid Waste... More…

  5. Waste Minimization Fee Quarterly Reporting Form
  1. ACC Solid Waste Facility Tour Evaluation

    After taking one of our facility tours, please complete the following form in order to provide us with valuable feedback. This is... More…

  2. Landfill Odor Complaint Form
  3. Reuse Store - Binder Request Form
  4. Teacher Reuse Checkout
  5. Zero Waste Event - Reuse, Recycle, Compost

    Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division encourages you to make your event Zero Waste! We are glad to supply you with the tools you need... More…

Solid Waste - Recycling

  1. Application for Special Event Food Service Permit

    All events with two or more food and/or beverage vendors must use reusable, recyclable or compostable materials for any single-use... More…


    Tasks that need to be completed on days when the CHaRM is open to the public.


    Tasks that need to be completed on days that the CHaRM is closed to the public.

  4. Commercial Recycling Program Evaluation

    Your business/organization completed your Commercial Recycling compliance over this past year. Please complete this evaluation to help... More…

  5. Commercial Recycling Verification Form

    Athens-Clarke County requires owners of all commercial properties to have an approved recycling plan on file (Sec. 5-2-14 (i)).... More…

  6. Move-In Waste Diversion- Multi-Family

    The Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division is working to reduce the amount of waste created during Fall move-in. And with your help,... More…


    Tasks that need to be completed on days when the CHaRM is open to the public.


    Additional weekly and monthly task that needs to be completed at the CHaRM


    Tasks that need to be completed on days when the ChaRM is not open to the public.

  4. Commercial Recycling Verification Drop By Form

    Athens-Clarke County requires owners of all commercial properties to have an approved recycling plan on file (Sec. 5-2-14 (i)). The... More…

  5. Material Management Coordinators Evaluation

    Material Management Coordinators can only be as good as the education and tools they receive. Please share your feedback on your... More…

  6. Request Recycling Materials

    Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division offers Used Recycling Bins and for businesses at no charge as well Reusable Recycling Tote Bags... More…

Stormwater Management

  1. Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Utility - Impervious Surface Adjustment/Review Request

    If you are requesting a review of the total square footage of impervious surface on a parcel, please complete this form entirely.

  2. General Feedback Form

    A general form for citizens to ask questions and provide feedback

  3. Stormwater Billing - Change of Ownership Form
  4. Stream Clean Up Site Nomination Form

    Do you know of a stream in Athens-Clarke County that is looking a little littered? Nominate the site for a stream clean up by... More…

  1. Education Visit Request

    Interested in having our Program Education Specialist visit you and your learners? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with... More…

  2. Stormwater Advisory Committee Public Comment Form

    Public comment form for the Stormwater Advisory Committee

  3. Stormwater Calendar Photo Submission

    Residents are invited to submit their own water or nature photos for possible inclusion in the annual Stormwater Calendar.

Tax Assessor

  1. Board of Tax Assessors Agenda Comment Form

    This form can be used to comment on items under consideration by the Board of Tax Assessors


  1. Athens Transit Contact Form

    Contact Athens Transit

Transportation & Public Works - Athens in Motion

  1. Athens in Motion Commission Agenda Comment Form

    This form can be used to comment on items under consideration by the Athens in Motion Commission

  1. Athens in Motion Commission Public Comment Form

    This form can be used to submit public comment to the Athens in Motion Commission