RE... CCSD Student Art Biennial

The Lyndon House Arts Center is pleased to announce the Biennial Clarke County School District Student Art Exhibition is back!  The opening reception is scheduled for Sunday, October 9th at 2pm.

"Artists often start with concepts to ignite their imaginations as they plan, prepare, and create artwork. Teachers and students were all challenged with a return to “normal” in Fall 2021. From this return emerged a concept, which serves as the basis of this exhibition. What comes to mind when you think of the prefix “re-”? Perhaps recollection, recycle, rethink, redo, reimagine, restart, reset, remember, revolt, recess, rebuild, relax, or report - the list goes on and on… Many of these words may seem to point back to the past, but they also point us to the future and in new directions. As you look at the work in this book and exhibition, take a moment to consider how students thought about “re-”. Artists are reawakened through the process of reflection. This is well supported in the student’s and teacher’s statements about the finished works, and about the conceptual process that helped produce these thoughtful pieces of art. So revel in the profound reasoning of our CCSD artists and art teachers as we reconvene to review their spectacular work."

- DAN SMITH Fine Arts, Health, and Physical Education Curriculum Coordinator, Clarke County School District

A full color catalogue accompanies this exhibit.