Art for Athens Kids: An Art Project for Pinewoods Library and Learning Center

Children's Exhibition

The exhibition Art for Athens Kids featured works by nine children from Pinewoods Learning Center who worked with Toni Carlucci, Juana Gnecco, Karina Lopez, and Beatris Ramirez to create a series of beautiful pictorial ceramic tiles. Artwork of a girl

The students, ages eight to 10 years old, received drawing and painting lessons, covering basic drawing and watercolor techniques, and had group discussions to stimulate thoughts and feelings about their lives. Using this as a starting point, they created images to illustrate scenes from their life stories, transfer their basic designs to clay, and paint their tiles using under glazes.

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to foster an appreciation for Hispanic folk art and to develop skills in clay, drawing, design, and painting. It is an opportunity for children to be able to tell an aspect of their life stories through art, and develop a sense of place and belonging.