Call & Response: René Shoemaker & Judy Bales


Call & Response, an exhibit by  René Shoemaker and Judy Bales

On view from November 5 - January 12, 2019.  

Reception: Thursday November 8, 6-8 pm

A collaborative effort in silk, fiber and wearble art, René Shoemaker and Judy Bales explore a long tern inspirational friendship.  

From René - "Judy Bales has always been one of the fiber artists I most Admire, not only for her creativity and ability to use unusual materials to create beautiful work, but also for her kindness, attention, and friendship.  She inspires me, as an artist and a friend." 

From Judy - "My friendship with René began when I met her in the Fabric Design Department. Mutual admiration and shared artistic goals, as well as simply enjoying each other's company, set us on a path of a friendship that has endured in spite of seeing each other only a handful of times in recent decades. This exhibit  is a combination of deep connections combined with very different artistic approaches that results in our desire to bring our work together for Call and Response"