Lounge Gallery: Citrine Visuals by Antoine Stewart

Stewart Lounge Gallery 2018

Citrine Visuals

On view December 8, 2018 - March 2, 2019

Artist Talk - February 21, 2019 6:00 pm  FACEBOOK EVENT

The Lounge Gallery at the Lyndon House Arts Center, features quarterly solo exhibitions by emerging artists. Artists in the beginning stages or re- invigorating their careers exhibit wall-bound works in mediums alternating from drawing to painting to photography to printmaking.

Antoine Stewart is a self taught artist who pursed drawing as a kid in elementary school. Inspired through the vision of famous abstract artist Jackson Pollock, he loved the look and feel of abstract art that gives everyone a different perspective and reveals that everyone is unique in their own thoughts on what they see and how they feel. 

Antoine grew into the abstract artwork of painting through meditation and traveling the country to multiple museums in multiple major cities. Learning what to look at by watching popular artists start and finish their pieces. He developed a solid natural Love and passion for the messy process to create something that only one person can create.

Citrine Visuals is the foundation and motivation behind why I create the style of artwork. The Citrine stone is the stone that represents and brings Happiness and Prosperity to oneself who possess it.

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