Elemental Clayscapes by Love Hawk & Mendelwhite

On view: August 31 - October 12, 2019

The collaboration of David Hale (printmaker and illustrator) and Marci White (ceramicist) working with clay together began, like so many things, with a chance comment at a party. David mentioned to Marci that he'd long been interested in learning to do sgraffito on clay. The carving involved is not unlike print-making. He said he'd even come close to signing up for a sgraffito workshop at Penland School of Craft. "Oh, that's funny," Marci replied, "I actually did that workshop - we could have been classmates!" Then after a few minutes it occurred to her to say, "If you'd like, you're welcome to come try carving on my pots, and I'll show you the technique I use." David enthusiastically accepted, they found that their aesthetics and personalities jibed well together, and almost a year later, they have the pottery in "Elemental Clay Scapes" to show for their efforts.   

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Lyndon House Arts Center  211 Hoyt Street  Athens  GA  30601