The Lyndon House Arts Center is pleased to host a pop up exhibition of student work organized by ATH4BLM Initiative in acknowledgement of Black History Month 2021. This show will be on view from February 11 - March 2, 2021. 

ATH4BLM Statement of Purpose:

The Athens for Black Lives Matter Initiative is a collective actively working toward a better, more prosperous future for Black Athenians. We at the Initiative believe in the power of community as a catalyst for long-term change and the gravity of uplifting our Black community as a focal point for the roads ahead. 

ath4blm: "We are so excited to announce a second formal exhibition with the Lyndon House Arts Center (@lyndonhouseartscenter) from February 11 until the end of this month! This exhibition is curated in collaboration with Lyndon House so not all submissions will be shown for this particular show, but all submissions will be displayed at a later date with Dodd Galleries (check out our last post for more info on submissions for that show)! + More details to come for checking out Resistance & Resilience at Lyndon House Arts Center!"

"The Athens for Black Lives Matter Initiative has always been inspired by the use of art to unite people in a common cause whether that be music, poetry, or photography, among others. As we look to the future and hope to inspire change in the community around us, we want to encourage the creation of art as a means to express resistance and resilience."

For more information  ATH4BLM HERE