Lounge Gallery: Easement by Sarah Cowan White

Easement, an exhibition by Sarah Cowan White

Reception: June 6, 2019, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, on view through August 31, 2019

Third Thursday Artist Talk: July 18, 6:00 pm FACEBOOK EVENT

The Lounge Gallery at the Lyndon House Arts Center, features quarterly solo exhibitions by emerging artists. Artists in the beginning stages or re- invigorating their careers exhibit wall-bound works in mediums alternating from drawing to painting to photography to printmaking.

"My work aims to tell stories of comfort and discomfort in familiar, yet non-specific interior spaces. The lack of specificity in the rooms allows the viewer to complete the space with their own references, making conscious or subconscious connections to physical spaces they have experienced. Discomfort felt by the viewer is contrasted by the comfort typically found in such living areas. The creation of this juxtaposition allows me to explore themes of daily habits, rituals, intimacy, and one’s relationship with their environment. I enjoy weaving personal and universal narratives of nostalgia into my work.

Easement is a right of way giving persons other than the owner access to or over a property. This legal experience is usually a temporary entrance into or use of someone’s private space. I see a clear connection between this type of agreement, and the relationship of a viewer with a piece of art. This intentional avoidance of trespass or misdemeanor is especially relevant to my current series in progress, which displays vignettes of domestic spaces.

By making private spaces public, some may feel like they have stumbled into an environment in which they are not welcome. These paintings vary in the palpability of the sense of voyeurism within the viewer. Occasionally, I aim to relieve this sense of discomfort by the use of grounding objects within the piece. These small, identifiable details are meant to help organize the space for the viewer. The ways in which we attach memory to places and objects are my current fascination, and are helping me to process my own memories and experiences.

The balance between stasis and transition is also a common theme of exploration for me. This can be seen in the fluctuating amount of visible entropy in my pieces. Texturally and structurally, this is meant to further remove obvious referential connections in the piece and allow for more abstract possibilities." - Sarah Cowan White


Sarah Cowan White is an artist and art educator living in Athens, Georgia. She received her BFA in Art Education from the Lamar Dodd School of Art in 2015. She is active in the local art community, and has had pieces exhibited at the Lyndon House Arts Center, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Creature Comforts Brewing Co., Kristen Ashley Artist Shop, World Famous, and most recently at Trio Contemporary Art Gallery.

For more information please call 706 613 3623.