Our Point of View: Athens Area Plein Art Artists

On view: June 5 - August 4, 2018


The Athens Area Plein Air Artists gather once a month to paint, draw or photograph, in plein air (out of doors) in the medium of their choice. For over twenty years, the Athens Area Plein Air Artists (AAPAA) have sought out interesting sites and places of historic interest, such as the Trestle, blooming canola fields, hidden gardens, and more.

Inspired by the tradition first explored by the French impressionists, AAPAA “escape the studio and capture the ever changing light of the outdoors.” Members of the group come from a wide range of backgrounds: some “have PHD’s in art and others who are retired and just enjoy the relaxation that comes with being outdoors and in the company or others who have interests in art, its discussions, and updates of art related events and art related workshops here in the community and around the country.”

According to Jack Burk, the group’s exhibit coordinator, “We each interpret the location and subjects in our own personal way, come together as a group at the end of each gathering, and have a viewing and critique of the work that has been created. With the viewing of the varied works we can glean new ideas and perspectives in the making of art and the creative and sometimes innovative use of a variety of materials as well as a discussion of the subjects and the location. Many of our participants have exhibited their work at the many exhibits available at Lyndon House and other locations throughout the city of Athens and the surrounding communities.”

Our Point of View: Athens Area Plein Air Artists will be on through August 4.


Work pictured above by Jack Burk

Dortha Jacobson Normaltown

Work by Dortha Jacobson